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Hegemonic Strategies

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This will be the second conference co-organized and sponsored by DOC Berlin within the project (Re) Inventing Hegemonies that is structured around the notion of hegemony and its role in shaping the new international system. It will bring together renowned scholars from US, China, EU and Russia. The first conference (organised jointly with Warsaw University and Carleton University in Ottawa) provided a conceptual map of the conception of hegemony and discussed such topics as the meaning of hegemony, its essential components and how it is currently placed within the new international order. Some papers also looked at the role of both state and non-state actors in maintaining hegemonic status nationally and regionally.

Berlin’s upcoming conference will be devoted to discussion of the hegemonic strategies that are shaping the behaviour of key international actors.

Our central questions to be discussed include:

  1. Which actors can be hegemonic in the international system or can help create hegemony?
  2. How do international actors become hegemonic?
  3. Do they use material or ideational resources?
  4. What are hegemonic strategies? Counter-hegemonic strategies?
  5. Are the tools and strategies for creating hegemony changing? If so, how?
  6. In what ways are new technologies such as artificial intelligence and social media changing hegemonic strategies?

This conference will conceptually pave the way to the third and final conference (hosted in China) to discuss regional application of hegemonic strategies across the world.

Confirmed Speakers:

Piotr Dutkiewicz, Carleton University

Randall Germain, Carleton University

Elena Chebankova, University of Lincoln

Swati Parashar, University of Gothenburg

Les Pal, Carleton University

Elinor Sloan, Carleton University

Martin Geiger, Carleton University

Xin Zhang, East China Normal University

Chris Dornan, Carleton University


Berlin, Germany

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