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“The Impact of Globalisation on Family and Communities”

“The Impact of Globalisation on Family and Communities”
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Globalisation has profoundly transformed the world. Changes in the sphere of economics, politics, and society have a great impact on our daily lives. Besides the numerous opportunities that globalisation has brought us, such as increased interconnectedness resulting from advanced communication technology and the expansion of the world market, it has also created a number of significant challenges. Many jobs have become insecure, people work on the basis of short-term contracts, or they are required to work long hours for low wages. However, the transformations brought on by globalisation pervade other facets of our lives as well. There is a growing uncertainty that is significantly reshaping family and community life, including the way it influences young people’s decisions on partnership and family formation.

This roundtable will feature experts from different regions of the world, who will offer their insights into this complex phenomenon, and propose policy-oriented solutions for challenges that families and communities increasingly deal with in a globalised world.

In particular, the roundtable will analyse the changes in the structure and functions of the family resulting from globalisation. The question of how families and communities can benefit best from modernity and globalisation, while at the same time build resilience against the negative aspects, will receive special attention. The exchange of best practices and lessons learned from different countries and regions will serve as the basis for future-oriented solutions.


Dr. Catherine Bernard, MBBS, MS India: Founder –President – Director of Service and Research Institute on Family and Children ( SERFAC), Chennai , India. Dr. Catherine Bernard belongs to the Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, France. She is a  Medical Doctor by profession and holds a post graduate degree in Religion ad Religious Education from Fordham University, New York.

Dr. H. B. Danesh, MD FRCP Founder-President of the International Education for Peace Institute (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Switzerland, USA). He is a visiting professor of peace education and conflict resolution at the European University Centre for Peace Studies, Vienna, Austria, and a senior member of the faculty of the International Education for Peace Institute. An international lecturer and consultant, Dr. Danesh is the author and creator of the globally acclaimed Education for Peace Program piloted in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dr. John Shea, Ph.D., MSW, USA, Professor of The Practice of Pastoral Care and Counselling, in The School of Theology and Ministry, Boston College, Massachusetts, USA. He has over 30 years’ experience in the field of counselling. He is an international lecturer and speaker, and has authored several books and numerous articles that focus on Spirituality, Experiencing and Adulthood.

Victoria Wyszynski Thoresen, Norway, Associate Professor of Education at the Hedmark University College, Norway, and Project Manager of the Consumer Citizenship Network. She has specialized in curriculum development, global education, peace education, value-based education, lifelong learning and consumer education. In addition to many years of experience as a teacher and teacher-trainer, she has written textbooks for schools and teacher training and has functioned as an international educational consultant. She functions also as an international expert contributing to the creation of International Standards (26000) for Social Responsibility.

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