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Islam in Eurasia

Islam in Eurasia

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“Islam in Eurasia” conference is organized by Tyumen State University and Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, two entities that established a successful cooperation with each other. The event in Tyumen continues a DOC RI project on building interaction with Russia’s key educational and scientific centers.

The conference is devoted to the analysis of the situation of the Muslim community living in the Asian part of Russia.

Points of discussion:

– Peculiarities of religious practices;

– Relationship between traditional and non-traditional Islam;

– Radicalism in the region and ways to counter it;

– Muslim migration;

– Specificity of interfaith dialogue.

The conference will be attended by experts from Siberian and Ural cities, as well as researchers from Yekaterinburg, Ufa and Moscow:

Dr. Igor Groshev, Tyumen Higher Military Engineering School;

Dr. Irina Grosheva, International Institute of Law and Economics: “Interconfessional relations: risk factors”;

Dr. Vladimir Yashin, Omsk State University: “Islam and new religious movements in post-Soviet Russia: to the formulation of the problem”;

Dr. Alexander Yarkov, Tyumen State University: “Muslims should be where the oil is?”;

Dr. Sergey Chudinov, Novosibirsk State University: “On the expert evaluation of extremist materials”;

Dr. Roman Bykov, Tomsk State University: “Islam in the Tomsk Region: Participation in Interreligious Dialogue”


Tyumen, Russia

#25 Lenin Str.

Attendance is by prior registration only.

To register please fill the application below or contact:

Roman Okhotenko: Okhotenko@doc-research.org