Timing: 18:00 - 20:00

Lecture by Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer: “The World at a Crossroads: Decisive Shifts in International Policies”

Round Table: 'Foreign Actors in the Syrian Conflict, 2017'

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The international community is currently undergoing a crucial transformation. With events such as Brexit and the election of Trump to the presidency, as well as Europe’s internal crisis, illustrated most notably by its difficulty in dealing with the influx of refugees, 2016 marked a decisive shift in international politics. The consequences of these challenges will shape the global environment in the years ahead in a remarkable, yet unknown way.

In his lecture, Dr. Gusenbauer analysed the possible consequences of these challenges and ask how the new reality we are facing can best be managed. At the same time, he explored the opportunities which this transformation may paradoxically offer, and ask whether our experience from the past may serve as a guideline for future decisions.


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Berlin, Germany

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