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Migration in Europe and Eurasia


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This conference will address issues relating to migration in Europe, and more broadly, Eurasia. The aim is to not only analyse issues of current migration trends and phenomena, but also to try to develop predictions regarding the role of migration in the future: how inevitable is migration and what are the costs to Europe and Eurasia? Migration is indeed the ‘movement of people’, and it has been happening throughout history as a large part of intercivilisational dialogue.

From the point of view of the DOC Research Institute migration is inevitable and will continue to develop. The main strategic task for European governments and society, including Russia, is to respond appropriately and effectively, avoiding any extremes.

In this regard, ‘Migration in Europe and Eurasia’ conference will focus on the following issues:

  • Analysis of migration dynamics in Europe and Eurasia, including Russia;
  • Highlighting the main trends in migratory communities’ evolution, tendency of migrants to assimilate and, on the contrary, their desire for ethno-religious consolidation as well as radicalisation;
  • Analysis of possible radicalisation of a small segment of migrant communities on a religious basis, which can lead to terrorist threats;
  • Analysis of positive and negative experiences of migration; and
  • Forecasts on how migration processes in the near future might evolve.


Mr. Brunson McKinley : Former Director General, International Organization for Migration

Dr. Dr.h.c. Arne C. Seifert, Ambassador rtd. : Central Asia Advisor, Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, University of Hamburg

Dr. Bulent Senay: Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office
Combating Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims & Professor of History of Religion & Culture Department of Philosophy and Reli-gion Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey

Dr. Musa Basnukaev: Head of the Department of Taxes and Taxation, Chechen State University

Dr. Muzaffar Olimov: Director of the SHARQ (ORIENS) Research Center, and a senior scientist at the Tajik Academy of Sciences Institute of Language, Literature, and Oriental Studies

Mr. Nikita Konopaltsev: Senior Researcher DOC Research Institute

Mr. Vladimir Korovkin: Head of Research in Growth and Innovations with SKOLKOVO IEMS

Prof. Alexey Malashenko :Chief Researcher, DOC Research Institute

The discussion will be in English language.

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