Timing: 18:30 - 20:30

The role of religious identity in the modern world

The role of religious identity in the modern world
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On 22 May 2019, the National Research Tomsk State University (TSU), together with the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, will hold a roundtable on the ‘role of religious identity in the modern world’.

Nowadays, one often hears the opinion that in the era of advanced technologies and globalisation, finding identity and belonging with a particular social group long term has largely lost relevance. In a rapidly changing world, identity is often blurred or even can be short term. On the other hand, in societies of various kinds, there still exist phenomena like religious fanaticism, the desire to dominate based on one’s own interpretations of religious texts, and extremism.

All this raises questions of the role of and forms of religious identity in the twenty-first century, the causes and mechanisms of its formation, the sources of radical and extremist ideas and practices. We also have to look at how to respond to these challenges and deal with organisations and movements that oppose established ideas and values systems. The participants of the roundtable in Tomsk will share their opinions on these issues.

The event will be moderated by Associate Professor of the TSU Sociology Department and DOC expert Roman Bykov. Keynote speeches will be delivered by DOC Chief Researcher Alexey Malashenko, Associate Professor of TSU Department of modern history and international relations Savely Wolfson, rector of the St. Nicholas parish at Shegarsky psychoneurological orphanage Fr. Alexander Pechurkin, and TSU Associate Professors, Victor Muchnik and Oleg Khazanov. Representatives of religious organisations and movements, Tomsk academics and students, as well as media representatives will take part in the roundtable.

Venue: Tomsk, Lenin Ave., 34, room 27.

Time: 18:30.

Working language: Russian

Tomsk, Russia

Lenin Ave., 34

For participation please contact Roman Okhotenko via okhotenko@doc-research.org