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Sustainable Investment Benefiting Culture

Sustainable Investment Benefiting Culture
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We need fresh thinking in order to address sustainability issues in a comprehensive way. The next generation of global development goals will probably incorporate culture and identity issues to a larger extent than the current SDGs.

We need approaches that take into account the risk of social cohesion eroding and civilizations being driven apart. The promotion of culture has great potential to contribute to the dialogue, respect, and social cohesion.

Based on the premise that culture contributes greatly to social cohesion and harmony among people and societies, and therefore to sustainability, the DOC is launching an initiative to promote sustainable finance/sustainable investment.

Investors have to meet the growing expectations of institutions, business sector and civil society to build responsible economies that take environmental, social and societal impact into consideration. They also ensure that they will avoid a crisis that happened ten years ago. Their commitment is crucial to support companies that are determined to create value not only for themselves but also for all their stakeholders defined as people “impacted by the decisions taken by companies”. The realization of sustainable development does not only rely on meeting ambitious economic, social and governance criteria. It also calls for fresh thinking. Investments in culture and art could play an important role in stimulating transformative ideas on sustainability issues.

This session will explore sustainability visions, strategies and good practices of different stakeholders, including investors. Special emphasis will be paid on the role of culture and art in promoting sustainability


Speakers include:

  • Pervenche Berès, former MEP
  • Yves Ubelmann founder of Iconem (a start-up which promotes cultural heritage through drones and new technologies)
  • Patricia Piriou, Triodos Bank
  • UNESCO representative
  • OECD representative
  • Pascale Thumerelle, Founder of Respethica, former Vice President of Sustainable Development at VIVENDI
  • Jean-Christophe Bas, DOC CEO
  • Dr Berthold Kuhn, Adjunct Professor Freie Universität Berlin and Advisor to DOC

( This is an invitation-only event.)

Paris, France

7 Place de Fontenoy,

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