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Universal Basic Income: The way to prosperity or idleness?

Universal Basic Income: The way to prosperity or idleness?
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The concept of a universal basic income (UBI) is becoming increasingly popular in discussions about how to combat poverty and reduce inequality. Advocates for UBI include not only leftists, but also neoliberals, who see it as an opportunity to reduce the role of the state, and techies eager to compensate for automation-induced unemployment. However, opponents of UBI include conservatives, social democrats and trade unionists who argue that the policy will lead to large-scale idleness.

Join DOC to discuss the pros, cons and potential impact of Universal Basic Income. Is it the way to prosperity or idleness?

Supporters of UBI believe it would free people from monotonous jobs, allowing them to meet their creative potential, hopefully having a positive impact on economic growth. UBI, they argue, could also help to solve persistent unemployment, improve living standards and limit economic inequality.

However opponents believe a UBI would discourage people from working, be expensive to fund and may ignore or worsen other problems within society. Moreover, some argue that work is essential to people’s identity and for many in society to go without it would bring its own set of problems. Others are convinced that a UBI would not allow the majority of people to share in the prosperity that technical progress could bring about.

In spite of the counter view points, UBI trials are happening in many countries such Finland, Kenya and India. Although they differ in important respects, all trials seek to analyse the impact of guaranteeing every individual a steady income.

At this evening event we will hear from Universal Basic Income experts coming from diverse countries and view points to discuss the pros and cons of this intriguing yet controversial new policy.

Key questions we will consider include:

  • Is UBI an appropriate policy tool to face today’s challenges?
  • How might UBI be applied differently in diverse regions and contexts?
  • What challenges does a UBI pose to societies?
  • How would UBI policies be funded?

Confirmed speakers include:

Sarath Davala, Basic Income Network India

Karenina Schröder, Basic Income Network e.V. and Circles UBI

Ralf Krämer, United Services Union, Economic Policy Department

Fred Harrison, Land Research Trust

Klemens Witte, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute

This event is essential for those who are interested in enhancing their understanding on one of the most interesting social policy debates happening now.

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