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Dangers of mono-culturization: the time to reflect


Publication date: 12/31/2005


While analyzing global developments, the WPF `Dialogue of Civilizations` Co-founder Jagdish Kapur claims that a single civilizational model proposed for the whole world can only be created by altering the cultural base and value structures of highly diverse cultures – a highly undesirable prospect. To impose alien consumerist civilizational models on such cultures can only mean disharmony and conflict. Besides that, he notes that the genes of globalization that are being actively promoted today, evolved out of colonialism. While what is needed is respect for the sovereignty of other nations, their human, religious, ethnic, linguistic and cultural identity and their own civilizational evolution based on their own cultures. Sustainable life styles as an antidote to this destructive process can only be built around moderation and restraint. Kapur’s diagnosis for what is happening on the global scale is the following: the unipolar power system- as a result of the misdirection of its boundless physical vitality outside the corrective ethical and moral constraints is rapidly coming to the end of the road. Our common task in this context is therefore clearly to preserve the diverse cultures to let these evolve into their own civilizational models.


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