Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures

    Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures

    The major challenge facing education in the 21st century is dealing with some of the inherent tensions that arise in reconciling competing world views.

    In 2012, the WPF Dialogue of Civilizations started developing the Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures international educational project. UNESCO’s Philosophy Department, Philosophy in the Dialogue of Cultures, is a project partner.

    This project is being implemented on platforms at several non-governmental educational institutions. Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures are aimed at developing a culture of tolerance and respect, at promoting educational programmes that draw on the historical traditions of multi-national states.

    The Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures project developed by the WPF Dialogue of Civilizations is set to expand and enhance its engagement. The DOC Research Institute will support the projects’ expansion both geographically and generationally, and seeks to apply the project’s principles and standards to existing educational systems.

    The era of globalisation calls for an adjustment in the field of education that meets the changing demands of our times. Education can no longer be limited exclusively to national culture. Humanity’s survival depends on our ability to support a dialogue between cultures and civilisations – hence the need for an approach to education that takes into account our cultural diversity.

    The skills needed to engage in a respectful dialogue need to be taught and learnt. Multicultural education is one of the most important tools in making the transition from abstract and often simply demagogic declarations, to practical implementations.

    The Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures programme not only aims to create a favourable climate for the continued coexistence of different cultures, but also seeks to ensure the benefits of that diversity are shared.