Since 2003 the Rhodes Forum has brought together leaders from the business, academic, diplomatic and political communities, including current and former heads of state and government, to discuss crucial issues facing the world today. Throughout its history, its hallmark has been the pioneering spirit, inclusiveness, and moral resilience of its participants in their work to tackle the problems we face.

11-12 October 2019
Rhodes, Greece

300+ Participants from 50+ countries around the Globe
- discussions on the most pressing issues of the international agenda
- networking and brainstorm platform for finding the solutions
- senior policy makers, respected academics and researchers, top media

In 2019, the Forum seeks to build on its rich history and continues to look at critical issues to global development from economic, political and social perspectives. As always, it focuses on the development of applicable solutions founded in shared core values of equality, mutual respect, and compassion.


Dialogue is a non-confrontational communication, where both partners are willing to learn from the other and therefore leads much farther into finding new grounds together.I had the honor and the privilege to participate in the 15th edition of the Rhodes Forum last October and it made me triply happy. First, the Forum allowed me to enrich myself from the exchanges of very high level with the participants of proven expertise. Then, I appreciated the interpersonal skills and professionalism of the DOC Research Institute’s team. Finally, island of splendor and culture, Rhodes conquered me. The Rhodes Forum is both a dynamic and a spirit to be preservedDioncounda Traoré, President of Mali (2012-2013)
Dialogue of Civilizations’ Rhodes Forum is a great opportunity to enhance collective thinking on multilateral issues and solutions to the major challenges of our time.Dominique de Villepin, prime minister of France (2005-2007)
Vladimir Yakunin
We matured from altruists to very sustainable platform for trying to find a way to avoid clash of civilisations and introduce the paradigm of dialogue.Vladimir Yakunin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, DOC Research Institute
Problems now have no borders, we have to find solutions together. This (Forum) is something that is global.Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament for Greece, Chair of the Delegation for relations with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly
Rhodes Forum has massive amount of most interesting people that we can find on a planet. Big hand and applause for Rhodes team for bringing people here and put them together.Rob van Kranenburg, Co-Founder of Bricolabs and the Founder of Council, largest independent #IoT Thinktank
I loved Rhodes Forum, it was extremely informative, I can really say that. Spiros Margaris, Venture Capitalist and Founder of Margaris Advisory
I appreciate organisations such as the Rhodes Forum for stepping in to fill the gap, with programmes that promote understanding, unity, and equality. Advocacy by the Rhodes Forum and similar organisations is exceedingly important because they provide neutral platforms for advice on global issues.Goodluck Jonathan, president of Nigeria (2010-2015)

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Rhodes Forum

The Rhodes Forum – shaping policy through dialogue

Every year, in early autumn, people from diverse walks of life descend on the Greek island of Rhodes. This year's event, held 5-6 October, is...
Debates at the UN Security Council Summit. Reforms in the sphere of UN peacekeeping: implementation and further steps. (Credit: palinchak/Bigstock)

Rhodes Forum Policy Recommendations

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